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The Couples Space 
'self care for couples'

Netflix and parenthood ruined your sex life?

you're in the right place 

We help couples to find their magic again

half hour guided audios for sensual, sexual and playful pleasure

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Tara, 47, UK

We practiced this recording this morning and it was so beautiful 


we have never followed instructions audibly before - so a complete new thing - very cool


we both cried and laughed and had wonderful connective sex

Rob, 30, UK

Just finished our second couples group with Lucy and Robin. Really special and feeling so charged by the process. It's wonderful to break the monotony of watching T.V. in the evening and do something really positive with my partner. We can't wait for the next meeting and looking forward to exploring the next topics.

Andrew, 57, UK

I was slightly skeptical before however it was 100% worthwhile and very positive. 

I liked that Lucy was doing the heavy lifting and I was listening to and acting on a set of instructions. 

We had intense sex sessions after both audios. My wife and I would totally recommend them to others

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